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    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 07, 2008

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    Being from Brooklyn seems to be origin enough to warrant at least a little buzz. However, while some acts don't quite deserve it, Crystal Stilts are shaking things up with new music, and a groovy vibe we actually like.

    On the wake of their debut album, Alight of Night(Slumberland), the band is doing anything but sleeping... and we're doing anything but snoring through their Velvet Underground infused "spectral avant-garage" sound.

    Crystal Stilts
    Alight of Night
    Street date: Oct. 28, 2008

    1. The Dazzled
    2. Crystal Stilts
    3. Graveyard Orbit
    4. Prismatic Room
    5. The SinKing
    6. Departure
    7. Shattered Shine
    8. Verdant Gaze
    9. Bright Night
    10. Spiral Transit
    11. The City In The Sea

    THe band formed in 2003 with debut single "Shattered Shine" earning some positive feedback in the music community. Shows with Blood on the Wall, 1990s and The Long Blondes earned them cred, and eventually a 4 song EP in 2006. Now finally realizing their ideas for a full album, the band has a chance to make their mark on the minimalist post-punk pop scene... if they can deliver. So far, we like what we hear. Check it out for yourself. -joe puglisi

    Crystal Stilts on Tour
    Aug 06 - Sneaky Dees Toronto, Ontario*
    Aug 07 - Zooleggers West Lafayette, Indiana*
    Aug 08 - Subterranean Chicago, Illinois*
    Aug 10 - Bears Place Bloomington, Indiana*
    Aug 11 - Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus, Ohio*
    Aug 12 - Rickety House Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania*
    Aug 13 - DC9 DC, Washington DC*
    Aug 14 - The Cave Chapel Hill, North Carolina*
    Aug 15 - Nerve Center Baltimore, Maryland*
    Aug 16 - Pi Lam Philadelphia, Pennsylvania*
    Aug 22 - Death by Audio, Brooklyn, New York*

    * = w/ Vivian Girls

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    MP3: Crystal Stilts:: Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night
    Crystal Stilts on Myspace

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