Meek Mill vs Drake: Career Suicide
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Alana Solin

    In the next few paragraphs, I want to admit to two things. First of all, I totally didn't believe the Meek Mill/Drake feud at first. Two grown-ass, successful men are burning each other through . . . diss tracks? Twitter feuds are one thing, since they're usually short-lived and often enough at least one of the participants end up apologizing (thanks, Taylor!), but to actually release raps slamming each other? To me, it sounded like a publicity stunt to give Twitter something to focus on for a week and to give sales a nudge. The feud felt straight out of one of the Bring It On or Step Up movies - any of those movies where evil is defeated by choreographed dance.

    Part of me still thinks that this was all set up by the rappers to get the public's attention, but if that's so, then Meek Mill has made a whopping mistake. He's never gonna make a comeback; I think that's a fact. Sure, this whole thing has propelled him into stardom and made him a household name, but I don't think that guarantees that he'll have an audience for any music he puts out in the future. I mean, I might know who he is and, sure, I've read his angry tweets, but other than "All Eyes On You" and "Wanna Know," I have never listened to any of his music. Most of the people I know can probably say about the same thing. Being a big name just isn't enough to sustain a career. Plus, people aren't really interested in Meek the musician; they're interested in Meek who started a feud with Drake. And once the world forgets about the feud - which has already started to happen - Meek the musician will still be nowhere. No one would commit career suicide like this on purpose, so my conspiracy theories are put to rest, probably.

    The second thing I wanted to admit to: "Wanna Know" kinda went off. Right? Like. It kinda goes off.

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