Mac DeMarco Lethargically Covers Eric Clapton
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    We all know what Mac DeMarco is capable of: some dreamy vocals, hazy guitars, and a lyrical palette designed for our weak hearts to swoon. A man who reveals his sweet side through his music capability is all that Mac DeMarco embodies, and this sentiment definitely does not stop on his newly released track.

    With a couple albums under his belt, an unreleased track has made it's way into the internet hemisphere. But, this is not one of Mac DeMarco's somber originals; this is a classic cover of "Change The World" by Eric Clapton. Utilizing all of the techniques DeMarco has perfected to create his original, individualistic art, the cover is almost indistinguishable from its original. The weepy, lackadaisical guitars appear front in center while he growls Clapton's timeless ideology on love and how to gain it. The song definitely plays into everything Mac has established for himself as an indie artist; with lovelorn lyrics and a composed dreariness in his voice, there is almost no doubt that Clapton's narrative progeny was made to be covered by him.

    Check out DeMarco's cover for "Change The World" below.

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