Angus and Julia Stone Angus and Julia Stone
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    After four years of separation and solo endeavors, Angus and Julia Stone are back. If anything, they have proven that time apart has only made them closer, stronger, and wiser. Their latest album, Angus and Julia Stone, exudes a newfound confidence and power from the folk duo, yet maintains the lax, mellow vibe that has always made their sound so simply irresistible.

    Produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, the 13-track album most strikingly maintains a perfect balance of collaboration and individuality between the Stone siblings. "A Heartbreak," "Hearts Beat Slow," and "From The Stalls" showcase both Angus and Julia's vocals, as the perfect layering of their voices produce easy, effortless harmonies. Tracks "Little Whiskey" and "Crash and Burn" flaunt Angus's vocals, as he shows the most compelling and potent side to him we've ever seen. Backed by pounding drum rhythms or electric guitar strums, Angus's inner rock star is assuredly released. "Death Defying Acts" is Julia's time to shine. As the initially slow and sultry track grows to a strong and confident ballad, it graciously exposes that her typically tender voice can certainly hold its own.

    With the release of Angus and Julia Stone, both siblings individually showcase their extraordinary musical talents. However, the moments in which their talents are meshed are when the true magic happens. Together, they create a beautiful world of delicacy, proving that they may just be better together than they ever will be apart. Angus and Julia Stone is out now on Republic Records. Buy your copy here, and check out the official video for "A Heartbreak" below.

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