Chris Brown Career Services
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 06, 2013

    • Posted by: David Spelman

    With Chris Brown recently tweeting that he will be quitting music after the release of his upcoming album, X, we decided to come up with a few potential jobs for the ready to work 24-year-old.

    1. Nanny for Will Smith's Children: Someone needs to keep an eye on those insufferable kids.

    2. Tattoo Removal Specialist: First up, whatever that monstrosity is on his neck.

    3. Chauffeur: Brown has proven himself to be a capable driver...

    4. Veterinarian: Breezy has a way with animals.

    5. Basketball Player: The 6'1" Brown may struggle a little bit against larger competition (video below).

    6. Chef: The man can cook up more than beats.

    7. Troy Polamalu Impersonator: Head and Shoulders could always use another random spokesmodel.

    Brown said "probably" in the tweet, so he'll "probably" be back in the studio sooner than expected, but just in case, we now know the possibilities are endless.

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