17 Songs, 17 Bands: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 06, 2012

    • Posted by: Jean Lee

    After the many days of meticulously keeping track of the time in between carefelly released tracks, Concord Music Group has finally released the Fleetwood Mac cover album in its entirety. Tell Me That You Want Me is made up of mostly alternative bands (a different band/musician for every song), covering a selection of the legendary Fleetwood Mac songs over the span of their long career.

    No pressure or anything.

    There is diversity in interpretation; some musicians chose to adapt the song to their own musical stylings and others chose to do a variation close to the original song. The selection of artists on this album provides interesting dialogue to the way Fleetwood Mac is regarded today and who they inspire (musicians from Marianne Faithfull to MGMT).

    "Albatross" is track one of the tribute album. The instrumental beauty is covered by the Lee Ranaldo Band, and features J Mascis. Fleetwood Mac's version is a mellifluous song, full of the perfect amount of bass and effortlessly echoing notes, reminiscent of the time the song was released. It's an extremely difficult song to replicate and nearly impossible to make your own because, maybe, no one should. But Lee Ranaldo Band and J Mascis give an adequate interpretation of the song. The cover kept the muted sound of the song but missed the artfully crafted harmonic quality.

    The New Pornographers give a contemporary twist to "Think About Me." Upbeat, with a full band sound, the song works. The New Pornographers succeed at giving an interpretation of the song that is unique to their own sound without forgetting the meaning/heart of the original. On the other hand, Best Coast covers "Rhiannon" with a poppy flourish that misses the meaning of the song (it's about a Welsh witch...and even if it wasn't, the song shouldn't be that upbeat).

    A number of covers stay close to the original songs in terms of tempo and rhythmic elements. Antony Hegarty's interpretation of "Landslide" stays close to the original keeps the emotion of the very popular song, a good choice for the extremely popular Stevie Nicks song. Lykke Li also stays close to the original version of the emotional "Silver Springs" -- her own personality adds another dimention to the emotional tale.

    The album is interesting in terms of the logistics. Fleetwood Mac is reuniting for a world tour in 2013 and the album, full of a new generation of bands, offers a renewed hype for many. I made the mistake of listening each cover followed by the original. I couldn't do it. Give the cover a stand alone chance...at least at first. Naturally, there are hits and misses but, didn't we expect that? Listen below.

    Tell Me That You Want Me will be officially released on August 14th.

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