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    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 06, 2010

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    Photos by Michelle Geslani. For more shows, check out our photo section

    Behind the moniker Baths, is a crafty and inventive Los Angeles-based musician named Will Wiesenfeld. He recently released his debut album Cerulean, an incredible collection of songs that pull off the artful balance of electronic beats and organic elements.

    Amidst warped, jagged samples and suave, ambient melodies rises music that moves people inside and out (see: "Maximalist" and "Lovely Bloodflow"). Wiesenfeld himself quickly absorbed the mood, swinging his arms about, bobbing his head and jerking his body around, as he also manically twisted knobs and danced his fingers on his Mac's keyboard. Sound after sound perforated through the speakers, and the stage vibrated as if Baths' music commanded the earth to shake. A one-man-show isn't easy to do, and the lack of a full band sometimes means the lack of a captivating live presence for audiences. But by the halfway point of his set, the crowd had caught on and been bitten by the Baths bug. With lights turned way low, all the people seemed to sway to and fro in unison like one big, pulsating mass.-michelle geslani

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    MP3: "Maximalist"
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