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    What an ear we've got for traveling minstrels, dashing, brooding gentlemen. They've got wanderlust in their wandering eyes, they pick the perfect chords, their voices hint at unshaven faces and secret smiles, their lyrics at sepia shaded images of an America forgotten, or maybe just imagined. If you can't get enough of that sort of thing, Vandaveer has just the dark folk brew for you. One look at his website verifies the visuals so apparent from his music: the ache for autumn, slouching unembarrassed in fingerless gloves, cool wind blowing dried leaves, the acrid taste of air no longer poised for summer slumber.

    Vandaveer sounds like a color, a velvet hue with which to paint your cracking country manor. Instead, it's the project of velvet-voiced Mark Charles Heidinger. Unlike the Williamsburg residents who think growing a beard, donning some crusty flannel, and chugging PBRs will make them sound like ambassadors of blue-collar Americana, Heidinger's actually the son of a preacher man, actually from Kentucky, and actually talented. Vandaveer's mysterious melodies, authentic sound, and lovely harmonies supplied by Emmylou Harris-sounding Rose Guerin have drawn the attention of the venerable La Blogotheque, who filmed him gracing a wedding party with spontaneous melody.

    Keep an eye out for his sophomore release, Divide and Conquer, coming at the end of August. In the meanwhile, check out the video for "Fistful of Swoon," after the jump. The Blogotheque shows are definitely more indicative of Vandaveer's easygoing personality, while in this video they're just kind of...awkwardly staring at you. But the song is rather wonderful. Are you swooning yet? - Nina Mashurova

    Vandaveer on Tour

    Aug 20 - The Black Cat - Our Great City Of, Washington DC
    Aug 22 - The Metro Gallery - Baltimore, Maryland
    Aug 24 - Pianos ~ w/ Essie Jain - New York, New York
    Aug 25 - TT The Bear's - Boston, Massachusetts
    Aug 26 - One Longfellow Square - Portland, Maine
    Aug 27 - Monkey House ~ w/ Anders Parker - Burlington, Vermont
    Aug 28 - Union Hall - Brooklyn, New York
    Aug 29 - The Fire - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Sep 1 - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Sep 2 - 123 Pleasant Street - Morgantown, West Virginia
    Sep 3 - PJ's Lager House - Detroit, Michigan
    Sep 6 - The Vollrath Tavern - Indianapolis, Indiana
    Sep 8 - The Southgate House - Newport, Kentucky
    Sep 9 - The Green Lantern - Lexington, Kentucky
    Sep 10 - The 930 Listening Room - Louisville, Kentucky
    Sep 11 - The Basement - Nashville, Tennessee
    Sep 12 - The Bottletree - Birmingham, Alabama
    Sep 15 - BoBo Gallery - Asheville, North Carolina
    Sep 16 - Kirk Avenue Music Hall - Roanoke, Virginia
    Sep 17 - Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar - Charlottesville, Virginia
    Sep 18 - Gallery 5 - Richmond, Virginia
    Sep 19 - Comet Ping Pong - Home Sweet Home, Washington DC

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    Vandaveer's "Fistful of Swoon" Video
    Vandaveer on Myspace

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