Everyone Needs to Stop Complaining About Frank Ocean Now
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Frank Ocean is like the cool mysterious guy we all tried dating at least once when we were teenagers. He's quiet but poetic and he doesn't talk to you much, but when he does, it feels like your entire world is coming to an end -- in the best possible way. He's so "chill," that every once in a while he'll go into hiding, and you'll constantly wonder where he went. You think you can change him by pleading, but here's a news flash: you can't.

    In a time where artists can make as much noise as they want via social media, Ocean chooses to go in the opposite direction and completely exit the grid. This elusiveness is what makes us jump every time he drops a line. Consequence of Sound recently explained this perfectly, "What's more compelling is the aspect of the story that everybody seems to be overlooking: how a major artist decided to unplug and fade into obscurity during a time when we can monitor artists lives more than ever before." It's actually crazy how Ocean's lack of presence is generating more attention than ever. Fans are constantly wondering about him every day but in addition to that, he has every music site writing about him for NOT dropping an album. When he posts on Tumblr, it's a big news story because he does it so rarely.

    So yes, Boys Don't Cry is supposed to drop today, and even though the day's not over, we're going to assume nothing's coming out. Congrats to Ocean for being able to fool even Rolling F*cking Stone with this one. Keep this in mind: he is going to continue to jerk us around, and that's fine, because we're not waiting around anymore. Don't get us wrong -- when he finally has something to show, we'll be listening, but until that happens, let's all just give Ocean some space and focus on our own lives.

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