10 Songs The U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Should Do Floor Routines To
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Susmita Paruchuri

    If there's one thing in this universe that terrifies me more than anything, it's team sports. I was put in basketball and soccer as a kid, and that did not go over well for me. So I'm not someone who's a sports fan, but when the Olympics are on, I'll always sit and watch them, wide eyed, amazed and a little anxious.

    Don't get me wrong, I have no idea how gymnasts do their thing -- I was a dancer for a very long time, but for the most part I prefer my limbs where God intended them and as close to the ground as possible. All my knowledge of gymnastics comes from Stick It, and all I know is that they need to land straight and that thing that happened to the gymnast in that one Final Destination movie should most likely not happen. But I can appreciate a good floor routine as much as anyone.

    And what makes a fantastic floor routine in my uneducated eyes is that little bit of dancing our amazing Olympians do -- and Americans do it so well, if I do say so myself. Every time Gabby Douglas dances, spins, and somersaults across the floor to that "Tu Vuo Fa L'americano" remix and has the crowd clapping along I just die. Even while the commentators are talking about how she's out of bounds... I'm just thinking, "but look how cute and sassy she is! COULD YOU DO THAT?" Or if it's not Gabby Douglas and Laurie Hernandez shaking it on the floor, McKayla Maroney's ballet-like movements to orchestral music is absolutely enchanting.

    Let's be real, the U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics team is amazingly talented, so it doesn't really matter what music they choose. But just for kicks (pun intended), I decided to compile a list of aptly named songs I'd love to see floor routines to.

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