Baeble First Play: Robyn Cage Cascades The Cliffs of Utah
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Robyn Cage, sporting a visual likeness to red-headed singer/songwriter Neko Case, has a voice that is strong yet flexible. It goes from falsetto to a groan in just instances, and collides with the strength of her lyrics, usually containing some kind of motivation and optimism. Moving from New York City to Park City, UT. to continue her pursuit of music, her songwriting somehow captures the boldness of the west coast: holding a muscularity and openness that seems to mirror her general atmosphere and the prominent topography.

    Cage showcases the brilliant landscape that surrounds her in the new music video for her song "Larger Than Life". Roaming the cliffs of the Red Rock Desert in Moab, UT., she belts her lovelorn lyrics as she descends and ascends the sandy landscape. While she sings about being a microcosm of human identity, one can't help but see the reflection in the gigantic, timeless nature that surrounds her. The fading sunset, the humongous cliffs, and the concave dips in the rock emulate her message about empowerment and having strength to triumph over the unachievable.

    Check out Robyn Cage's video for "Larger Than Life" below.

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