The Subliminal Marketing Of Miley Cyrus's Bizarre Hotness
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 05, 2013

    • Posted by: Austin Knief

    Four years ago, if we told you that Disney sweetheart Miley Cyrus would be the voiceless star of a Big Sean music video, you'd have thought we were crazy. Well, believe it folks, because it seems as if twerking and giant Teddy Bears were just the beginning of Miley's new re-imaging. Check out her latest work below:

    However, "Fire", the second track off of Big Sean's forthcoming album Hall Of Fame, is not the first music video that Miley has made a cameo in. These days, the blonde mohawk (is that what it's called?) sporting singer has her face popping up in backgrounds all over the place. And no one can stop her. Even more unbelievable is that she's BFFs with Lil Kim and her prodigy Tiffany Foxx. You can catch her partying with the two rap divas in the music video for Tiffany Foxx's "Twisted".

    But wait, there's more. Her newly blonde locks can be spotted in KAPTN's "Juice" video as well as in a video for her brother's band, Ashland High.

    Be on the lookout for this alleged party animal to keep randomly appearing in anything and everything that she can get her gold hoop earrings into. At this rate it's safe to assume that her manager is just relentlessly throwing her in front of a camera wherever there's loud party music playing. We believe it to be some sort of subliminal propaganda to get us to buy into her music and products. Regardless, this whole ordeal is getting way too suspicious. Until it's all over, we'll continue watching this twerk gif...

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