Keaton Henson Finally Speaks Up (Sort Of) For NPR's Tiny Desk
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 05, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    In today's social network/share everything culture fueled by shitty tabloids, few musicians possess enigmatic allure. Voyeurism of their everyday lives has become our daily pastime (sorry baseball). No longer do we have artists shrouding themselves in mystery, keeping out of the public eye. But few still remain. One of the most notable (in our opinion) is Keaton Henson. With a penchant for heart-burning melancholy, Henson's quiet and reclusive demeanor only intensifies our fascination. Two years ago we emailed the artist a few interview questions, and he kindly replied, but instead of words, he used elaborate pen drawings.

    This wordless habit seems common for Henson, as he rarely speaks. In his recent visit to NPR for a Tiny Desk Concert, however, he spoke up, although it was just to thank the audience for inviting him. But as you'll see in the video below, where Henson lacks in social etiquette, he profoundly compensates in musical poignancy.

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