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    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 05, 2010

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    Beat Radio is the name of the self-labeled "American indie pop project" guided by singer-songwriter Brian Sendrowitz. It's a small project based in New York. I've been following BR on Twitter and I can't recall why... (UPDATE: I think they started following me and I followed back as per my own idea of twitetiquette DOUBLE UPDATE: They started following me after I highlighted them way back in 2008. Awesome!). Anyways, it led me to their latest track which is a nice slice of pop fuzz that I think it worth sharing. It's totally free (as an HQ download) if you dig it.

    The band has released two full lengths (the first in 2007 and another in 2009), but they've decided to try something new this year. They are currently in the midst of a year long singles project, cranking out two songs a month via the distribution platform known as Bandcamp (a site I've touted before for hosting a variety of small acts I've enjoyed, including the now not-so-small Happy Hollows before their record deal). Check out "The Eternals", an electrified, claustrophobic love song.

    <a href="">the eternals by beat radio</a>

    For a small budget operation, it's pretty impressive stuff... the sprawled, washed out vocal and the faint glow of distortion lend a really emotive quality to the tunes, great for warm weather indulgences. "Songs for the drunken boat" indeed. Follow @wearebeatradio for more news on their ongoing singles project. -joe puglisi

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    Beat Radio on Myspace

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