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    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 05, 2009

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    Lewis & Clark walk in a sparse forest, in silent shoes and with heavy eyes. In between tall lonely tree trunks towering toward a sky smoky with clouds, accompanied by floating ghosts and whispers, a haunted beauty evident in every track on their EP, Light Time (La Societe Expeditionnaire). These songs are measured in silver spoons of time and emotion, instruments plucking to a path that reveals itself toward a resolution in "Petrified Forest," swell and rise of an end that lead into the title track. "Light Time" is a careful drip drop of warnings and understandings, a dark undertone, the shuffling current as a light bobs and floats on an endless river. A robed figure wandering for meaning in the thick of this misty world.

    Then on the other side there is "Dead and Gone," an optimistic tragedy tinged progression, a human shift in orbs of light and melody, a warm guitar and fuzzy back-story sizzling and shifting toward "seeing everything I wish I never learned." Despite its darkness, the song is warm, a lover's hand, a starry sky, a longing that punctures the heart. The album ends with a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel #2," sang with a slow sadness, an embrace of the story and history of the song. It takes much to not ruin the beautiful classic, but Lewis & Clark, in their wispy beautiful acoustics and innate emotions seem to manage well. - Laura Yan

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