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    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 05, 2008

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    Blues band The Black Crowes, off the heels of their latest release, have accused country lady Gretchen Wilson of infringing their copyright. The songs in question are "Jealous Again" and "Work Hard, Play Harder," recently featured in a TNT/TBS spot for the show Saving Grace. Upon further listening, they may be right.

    The Crowes manager, Pete Angelus, has stated that he finds the musical verses to be an "obvious" example of infringement, and that they expect a "quick resolution." It may be obvious, but they will still have to deal with Turner Network Television, Sony BMG and J Money Music, as well as Gretchen herself. Good thing this is less of a grey area and more of a metaphorical shoplift. The problem is that so much of this style of music relies on the same progressions and feel, that we wouldn't be surprised if this was a coincidence... however, for such a high profile act, you'd think they'd at least run it by a few people before signing million dollar deals with TNT. We're calling it Crowes on this one, but you decide for youself. Warpaint is out now (in more ways than one). -joe puglisi

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