KNOW WHO'S NEXT: The Electro Folk Sensation Handsome Ghost
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Handsome Ghost was started by an aspiring folk-singer turned English teacher, Tim Noyes, who wanted a fresh palette to mix in his curiosity with electronic music with his ever-changing love for genres like R&B and pop. Thus, the electro-folk, self-proclaimed "indie prom" band, Handsome Ghost, was born.

    Tim Noyes felt himself moving away from folk music as his taste in music became more eclectic. After playing at open-mic nights after long days as a high school English teacher in the Bronx, Noyes decided to put his teaching career on hold to pour everything into his new project: Handsome Ghost.

    In 2014, Handsome Ghost released a single, "Blood Stutter", which went viral on Spotify, racking up over 12 million plays. "Blood Stutter" is an austere synth-pop with dreamy, roboticized vocals and warm electronic beats. The attention from "Blood Stutter" landed a contract with Photo Finish Records (The Mowglis, Misterwives) which brought them to Los Angeles to work with producer Matt Squire (Youngblood Hawke). Matt Squires aesthetics mixed with Tim Noyes' influences produced Handsome Ghosts first EP, Steps.

    After releasing their first EP, Steps - which is an artistic vantage point of a man (Noyes) who's known for his unorthodox songwriting - Handsome Ghost spent most of 2015 traveling with Misterwives and BORNS. While on the road, Handsome Ghost somehow found time to write music for their EP, which will be released this fall. Theyve released two songs this year, "Graduate" and "Eyes Wide", that already have millions of streams on Spotify.

    Tim Noyes went from teaching to melting hearts with his raw, heartfelt vocals and multi-instrumental talent. The genre of Handsome Ghost is hardly definable but one thing is for sure: Tim Noyes' Handsome Ghost is here to stay.

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