KNOW WHO'S NEXT: Start Feeling Awesome With Bronze Radio Return
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Have you ever heard a song in a commercial, movie trailer, or TV show that was so incredibly catchy that you HAD to find out who wrote it as soon as humanly possible? Well then, theres a good chance you heard a song by Bronze Radio Return and just didnt know it. Formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Henderson, Bronze Radio Return is very much a band thats the sum of its parts: You take a bunch of already-talented musicians, all with different influences and styles, some guitars, keys, and banjos, and throw them together, and you get an eclectic mix of rock, folk, and pop that makes for some undeniable earworms and a helluva good time.

    Since 2008, this six-piece group from Hartford, CT has been making some of the best feel-good, infectious folk rock heard today, which may explain their knack for landing their tunes in both movies and TV. In 2011, the band caught the public eye with their song Shake, Shake, Shake, a galloping upbeat track thats guaranteed to have you doing what the title promises. If you feel like you heard this song already, then you probably have, as it was used THREE TIMES on some show called American Idol (twice in 2012 and again in 2013), was featured nationally in a Home Depot commercial, and was used as the main theme for the Nissan Leafs global commercial campaign in 2012.

    More recently, the bands song Further On, became one of their most popular tracks after being featured in the trailer for St. Vincent, starring Bill Murray (and we can ALL agree that anything associated with Bill Murray is automatically awesome, right? Good). Even more recently than that, the bands lead single off their 2015 album of the same name, Light Me Up, was featured in Cameron Crowes new show on Showtime, Roadies, which premiered just a few days ago. Manif Cameron I-toured-with-the Allman-Brothers-Band-when-I-was-16 Crowe digs your music, you know youre doing something right. Speaking of their latest record, Light Me Up has only added to the bands steady rise, and showcases some of their best and most creative songwriting to date. Inspired by the radio hits of yesteryear while offering a fresh new sound for todays streaming sites, Bronze Radio Return is bound to have you shaking in no time.

    Check out some of their tunes right here if youve got the time and/or urge to dance. Better yet, check out the bands entire back catalog, you wont be disappointed with what you find. Even better than that, check back here in a few weeks to see the video we did earlier this year with Bronze Radio Return live at our SXSW party in Austin! The good stuff just keeps coming, people. Stay tuned.

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