A Ballin' Playlist For All of the Players at This Year's Olympics
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Allison Baritz

    With the Summer Olympics under way, the best athletes in the world get to compete for their countries. I always thought I would have a spot on the National Women's Soccer Team in the Olympics, until I realized I was way too short and way too terrible to ever make that happen. My Olympic dream will never come true, unless they decide to add competitive drunk eating to their list of sports. I think - actually I know - I could get the gold in that category.

    Although I am too uncoordinated and not athletic to actually be in the Olympics, I, just like most other Americans, love watching them. I will watch every event I possibly can. Thank god for live streaming, right? One of my favorite Olympic sports to watch aside from figure skating (duh) is basketball. My whole family loves and understands the game of basketball so it has turned into something we always do together. I can't tell you how many Heat games I have been to. (RIP Wade...)

    Both the US' Women's and Men's Olympic Basketball Teams are on fire. They are lined up with superstars like Breanna Stewart and Kevin Durant and unlike most other sports in the Olympics where the competition is extremely tight, the Americans almost always come into the games as the clear leader.

    I thought I would lend a hand to these "basketballers" and make them a warm-up playlist to listen to before they play. I am sure they are just so busy practicing and all that they haven't found any time to make themselves a killer warm-up playlist. THAT IS WHERE I COME IN.

    You are welcome.

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