Danny Brown Finally Blasts Off Into Full Blown Acid Rap
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 04, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    The worst thing I can admit as a critic is that something leaves me at a loss for words, but congrats Danny Brown, you've left me speechless. Collaborating with star producer Clams Casino, Danny Brown just dropped "Worth It" through Adult Swim. And if Danny Brown's previous output has been hip-hop filtered through a lot of pot and absurdist humor, "Worth It" may be the moment where Danny Brown goes full Shabazz Palaces and makes acid-laced hip-hop. It's been several years since Brown's highly acclaimed Old and if this is a sign of where Danny Brown's career is going from here...well, nobody can ever accuse him of sticking to the trends of mainstream hip-hop. Danny Brown does his own thing and seems to give zero f***s what anybody else is doing. "Worth It" is the latest proof of this.

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