Baeble First Play: Gibbz Showcases The Charm of His 80s Throwback
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 04, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Any list of the top-ten videos of the 80s that doesn't include "Take On Me" by a-ha is not a list worth paying attention to. That song is mostly remembered for the vocal gymnastics of it's super Norwegian lead-singer (I don't know how many octaves his vocal range is but it's certainly more than mine) and the memorable synth line at the beginning of the song, but I always loved the high-concept animated love story that propelled the video. And in his newest video, "I Found You," Gibbz fuses some New Romantics 80s melodies with a high-concept "Take On Me"-esque video to pretty much perfect effect.

    "I Found You" is more Spandau Ballet meets INXS than a-ha (and that's alright cause a Spandau Ballet/INXS collab sounds like the best thing the 80s never produced). The song wraps the listener in the warm embrace of its shimmering synths and the almost counter-tenor falsetto of the lead singer. And the video's fun and memorable video of a girl falling in love with the singer of the band (as he performs the video in a 1980s CRT TV) hits the perfect note of endearing 80s cheesiness (cause not all cheesiness is bad). For anybody who loves the "Take On Me" video as much as I do, "I Found You" is right up your alley.

    You can stream Gibbz' newest EP, Chardonnay (which features "I Found You") below. You can purchase it here.

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