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    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 04, 2010

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    The Portland Cello Project are making it a career out of conceiving beautiful, emotionally charged classical constructions (you might remember the video we captured with the band in Philadelphia). The dynamic ensemble's newest musical nugget to come wafting from their Pacific Northwest corner of the country is a tender instrumental endeavor, with an incredible new video accompanying every rhythmic pluck and rich pull of the horse hair.

    Titled "Denmark", video hits a timely note, depicting the brave tale of a tiny shrimp sprung into action by plumes of invading toxins in to his water world. A plan is formulated, a missing part is fetched, and all goes according to plan, until... It's also represents a stirring tribute to a friend of the band, fighting cancer in his/her own, disguised and dignified manner as well. - David Pitz

    Produced By: Two Penguins Production
    Directed By: Daniel Fickle

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    Portland Cello Project Live @ the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia
    Portland Cello Project on Myspace

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