late night: spoon and the roots
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 04, 2010

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    It isn't often that two stellar acts from different genres come together to perform, but it seems to be happening on Fallon more often than not, thanks to the prolonged residency of the house band, The Roots. So when Spoon showed up to Late Night, and ?uestlove and bassist Owen Biddle joined the band for a rendition of "Nobody Gets Me But You", it was like Christmas. SERIOUSLY. Check out the video:

    "Nobody Gets Me But You":

    It's awesome to see the minimalist rock peppered with a standing ?uestlove in the background. Catch Spoon at their pretty respectable spot opening for Arcade Fire tonight and tomorrow at MSG, or on Saturday at Lollapalooza in Chicago (I'll see you there!). -joe puglisi

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    MP3: "Written In Reverse" (Transference)
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