flight of the conchords get freaky (again)
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 04, 2009

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    It is hard/impossible not to be completely in love with wacky New Zealand comedy duo/HBO TV show of the same name Flight of the Conchords. They certainly charmed the world with their irreverent, hilarious, and ridiculously catchy parody and irony soaked songs from their previous season/album. Which is why news of their second album I Told You I Was Freaky (Sub Pop) is a major reason to rejoice again.

    Yes, Brett and Jemaine are back, with a record to be released on October 20th filled with familiar genre bending, smile and maniac laughter that induces stares from strangers, and joyous pop comedy madness many have come to know and love. Sure, it might seem like a long time to wait for the duo's latest batch of ghettolicious, electro, hip hop, and acoustic pop songs. But songs about rappers having real feelings and longing for llamas, freaky love antics asking ghosts for three-ways, the danger of fashion, and numerous songs from the second season of the show (otherwise unreleased...including sure fire club hits like "Too Many Dicks (On the Dancefloor)") make it a worthwhile wait. After all, it's not this often you can feel guiltless about super fabulous bling and absurd imagery studded songs and have so...much...fun...listening to music. - Laura Yan

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