that's a wrap: sunday's pool party
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 04, 2008

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    Photos by Melissa Rosenthal

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    Is anyone else wondering if these pool parties are continually trying to outdo themselves? Atlanta's finest destroyed most of our notions of decency yesterday, with a performance (and we mean performance) from King Khan and the Shrines, Deerhunter, Black Lips. There was plenty of throwing things, and that was certainly not limited to "hands-in-the-air."

    King Khan's set was a frenzy of bananna throwing, not to mention the sight of King Khans bare bottom charging up the crowd. He later incited the masses to throw trash at him. We're still trying to figure that one out. He cut Duffy's head out of the cover of Spin and covered his face with it, in an attempt to sing like her. Did we mention the flower King Khan put on? He kept it in a pretty curious place... we'll give you a hint: you sit on it, but you take it with you wherever you go. Yes. At points, this party was kind of scary.

    Deerhunter seemed relatively tame by comparison, but they still rocked, of course. Fast forward to the Black Lips, who let King Khan bring back the zaniness for toilet paper throwing and millions of people on the side of the stage. KK and the BBQ Show came back to do a song with the boys as well. Oh, and Tim Harrington showed up, only to get a beer poured down his pants by, you guessed it, King Khan. We'll never look at flowers the same again. -joe puglisi

    See more pictures here, here and here.

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