recap: wolf parade @ terminal 5
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 04, 2008

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    Pictures by Melissa Rosenthal

    Constant bickering over who is the best (Spencer? Dan?) continued at Terminal 5, where Wolf Parade played Thursday and Friday last week. Vocalists Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner traded off as fans got excited about favorites old and new... but not too excited.

    The guys were ten times more subdued than we're used to, not even showing hints of being drunk (although Spencer was sipping a beer during the set). The crowd was also hesistant to enjoy themselves ("stop crowdsurfing, this is a wolf parade show" - real quote). So the crowd was a little less rowdy, the boys a little less drunk... but who cares, they still rocked.

    Both nights were great I hear... I went Thursday. A friend dragged me away to see The Airborne Toxic Event downtown (who were very good and played an awesome set, so I thank her), which featured quite possibily the worst opening band ever. Their painful determination to be the Green Day/pop rock ripoff of 1982 forced me to wipe my tears with my Wolf Parade ticket. Never did I miss Spencer's face more. Just thought I'd share. -joe puglisi

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