LCD Soundsystem Releases 14 Minute-Long Track, 'pulse (v.1)'
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    LCD Soundsystem has released a new song, "pulse (v.1)," just a couple days before their first album since their split and subsequent reunion, American Dream, is set to come out. The new song follows three singles released from the album - "call the police," "american dream," and "tonite" - but "pulse (v.1)" isn't actually on the album's track list. So, in addition to their highly anticipated comeback album, it seems like LCD Soundsystem is giving fans a bit of a bonus with this one.

    "pulse (v.1)" is an almost-14-minute, synth-y, evolving soundscape. The song is purely instrumental, featuring only percussion and shifting, shiny-sounding synths. The song builds and pulls back throughout the song as echo-y staccato synth rhythms roll on top of the driving percussion. It's easy to lose yourself in the song, listening as the various blips and basses hop around and mingle with each other. In addition to streaming, "pulse (v.1)" is available for free download here.

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