Halsey Is On The Run Again in Hot New Video 'Bad At Love'
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Halsey's new video picks up from where her last video, "Now or Never," left off - with her character riding away from the police after an intense shootout and cutting off her bright blue blue locks. As "Bad At Love" begins, Halsey pulls up to a dusty desert gas station and walks in. Three girls who appear to just be hanging out watch as she picks up a newspaper, which falls open to reveal a "wanted" ad, which of course, features a picture of Halsey pre-haircut. The video calls back to "Now or Never" with a shot of the creepy tarot card reader who informed her that while her love would be enduring, there would be some sort of "interference." After proving her toughness to the three fashionable girls, they quickly become friends, and when the cops show up, the girls cook up a plan to trick them, handcuff them to their car, and make a quick getaway in their orange convertible. By the end of the video, Halsey finally makes it to safety, taking refuge with her new friends in a makeshift tent.

    The video for "Bad At Love," like the one for "Now or Never," was directed by Sing J Lee and Halsey herself. Both videos follow Halsey's tendency to create worlds and stories with her music and visuals. Beyond just aesthetics (which are on point, by the way), the videos work together to tell a complex story that acts as a metaphor for Halsey's state of mind. As the second video from Halsey's newest album, hopeless fountain kingdom, "Bad At Love" actually expands on the ideas of the album rather than just providing a cool visual.

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