WTF Weekly: 'American Idol' Rethinks Hiring Katy Perry + MORE
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    There are times, watching videos of musicians play sold-out crowds of thousands or seeing pictures of them chatting up beautiful celebrities at the after-parties of glamorous events, that I think to myself, "Yeah, I guess I could do that for a living. Wear beautiful designer clothes? Sure. Date hot celebrities for publicity? No problem. Slip away to hidden tropical paradises for vacation? Can do."

    Then there are weeks like this one, when being a musician just sounds like a bad day at the office.

    1. The Weeknd is tired and just doesn't want to do his job.

    God, same. The Weeknd, in case you didn't know, was supposed to perform at the VMAs last Sunday. He was actually nominated for some of the top awards, including Video of the Year and Artist of the Year, with the video for his song "Reminder" picking up additional nominations for Best Direction, Art Direction, and Editing.

    He didn't show, though. And he canceled a private gig celebrating the anniversary of Grey Goose vodka a few days before, just minutes before he was supposed to perform. Apparently there was an issue with city permitting at that pre-VMAs event, but that doesn't explain the Weeknd's absence at the VMAs. Was he, like Lorde, struck by the flu, and not confident enough to pull off an interpretive dance routine?

    The Weeknd wasn't the only high profile artist not to show up the awards show (looking at you, Taylor Swift), which turned out to be lackluster anyways. Maybe they heard it was going to be lame and stayed in to watch Netflix and eat junk food with Selena Gomez.

    Since there's no footage of The Weeknd''s VMA performance, here's a picture of him looking sad:

    2. Katy Perry didn't do a great job at VMAs and now American Idol is rethinking hiring her.

    There's nothing worse than failing your performance review. Katy Perry was recently signed on to be a judge for ABC's reboot of American Idol, the popular singing competition that once aired exclusively on FOX. But apparently the $25 million dollar paycheck she's getting might come with some buyer's remorse, as ABC was apparently not pleased with her job hosting the VMAs, or with her work ethic in general, saying, according to Radar Online, they want "a more modulated and thoughtful Katy."

    I'm all about women in Hollywood asking for big money, since large salaries for performers (as for many other professions) go to men at a drastically higher rate. But I watched the first few minutes of Katy Perry's speech at the beginning of the VMAs, and it was enough to convince me that the rest of the show was going to be unbearably awkward. If I had ABC's money, I would have paid $25 million dollars not to have watched it in the first place. But in case you love cringing so hard you teeth hurt, here's her opening monologue:

    3. A nurse allegedly looked at Justin Bieber's medical history and got fired because of it.

    Here's a sentence I'm going to make you read with your own brain, because I also had to read it: Justin Bieber twisted his testicle so bad he had to go to the hospital. Maybe you hate the guy and get some sick pleasure from what I imagine is a pretty painful medical condition, but I, personally, was happy living a life in which I had never pictured Justin Bieber's testicles, twisted or not.

    Apparently a nurse at Northwell Health in Long island, where Bieber was admitted, was fired for allegedly looking at his confidential medical records. She was trying to determine whether or not the pop star had been admitted for STD treatment. Why anyone would want to know more about the Bieb's genitals, I am not sure. Especially since this comes just days after Bieber's ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend of The Weeknd (see above), Selena Gomez, had her phone hacked, unleashing nude photos of Justin Bieber to poor, unwitting population of the internet.

    Anyways, here's a video of Justin Bieber falling down during a concert:

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