FRENSHIP Continue Bringing the Hits with 'Kids'
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    LA pop duo FRENSHIP have dropped a new folky track, "Kids," off their upcoming EP Truce. As we said in our Baeble Spotlight profile we did on the band a while back, members James Sunderland and Brett Hite are set to do some pretty big things thanks to their ability to craft electronic-based pop songs with a lot of heart and damn catchy melodies. And wouldn't you know it, since writing that piece, the band's hit single, "Capsize" went from 20 million Spotify streams to nearly 140 million. I'm not saying Baeble was responsible for that bump, but ya know, that was totally us (not really).

    Now, FRENSHIP are keeping their hot-streak going with "Kids," an acoustic track about the urgent need we sometimes feel to hold onto youth for as long as possible, perhaps even for our entire lives. A more electro-pop version of this track was in fact released a couple years back, but by giving it a more acoustic setting, this new version really shows off the scope of the duo's musical talents and ability to explore multiple genres. It's a slight departure from the duo's synth-oriented sound, the song still has that sleek production style and catchy melodies the group has become known and loved for over the past few years. If anything, it emphasizes the group's unique ability to mix organic singer-songwriter styles with a radio-ready pop sound without sounding overdone or disingenuous. It's an upbeat, folky tune that's further proof FRENSHIP are more than ready for the big leagues, and given their current trajectory, don't be surprised if they make some pretty big musical waves in the near future.

    Listen to "Kids" right here, and look out for Truce, out September 2. If you want to experience even more FRENSHIP for yourself, the duo will be on tour in support of Cherub starting September 6, which you can find the dates for right here.

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