Kanye West 2020
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I have a complicated relationship with Kanye West. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is my undisputed choice for the best record of the 2010s. College Dropout and Late Registration are also masterpieces. But Kanye can be a dick. He was an ass when I saw him perform at Bonnaroo last summer. There was the T-Swift incident from ages ago (though that circles all back to today). And Kanye knows he's an ass. It's part of his music. That dichotomy between how talented he is and how, at the end of the day, sometimes he just can't help himself. And he turns that into great art. It's when it rears its head in moments that aren't his actual music that makes him slightly unbearable.

    Well, Kanye won the Video Vanguard award at the VMAs last night. I didn't watch the VMAs. The very idea of the VMAs just makes me mad. It's a big industry circle jerk (like most award shows) but it awards the least deserving of pretty much every genre it presents. And, so, I don't actually know what the hell the Video Vanguard award is. I do know, however, that Kanye gave an epic acceptance speech where he basically told us all to get over the Taylor Swift incident -- who he's besties with now and who introduced him for the award -- and that he was stoned and that he was running for president. I would take President West over President Trump any day.

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