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    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2010

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    Prepare to be charmingly befuddled... the dynamic duo from Brooklyn are releasing another album of toe-tapping dance-pop. Today they released the first single, "Cameras", and it promises to expand on the band's original simple sound setup of drums and piano. The new single is packed full of percussive noises, synth eccentricities, and even a horn riff (they have been known to work with marching bands.

    Hear the track at the band's Facebook page (for the price of a "like") or below. Man, music streams cost a "like" these days? Explain THAT to your grandparents. -joe puglisi

    P.S. It always makes sense to play "Final Countdown" before listening to any Matt and Kim song. So before you go, GET AMPED:


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    Concert: Matt and Kim at McCarren Park
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