Overcoats Wants You To Go To The Wild Honey Pie's 5th Annual Welcome Campers
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    See that video up there? Yeah, that's the faaabulous ladies of indie pop act Overcoats, and they've got something to tell you. They want you to come to the 5th annual Welcome Campers, presented by Brooklyn-based media and events collective The Wild Honey Pie.

    Do you like music festivals? Do you like camping? Do you never want summer - and your childhood - to end? Well, that's what Welcome Campers is here for. On September 8-10, music lovers are ridin' to Camp Lenox in Massachusetts for a live music experience unlike any other. Specially curated indie acts like Wilder Maker, Future Generations, Workman Song, Overcoats (duh), and a bunch more are all set to perform throughout a weekend that will also include extremely fun activities like kayaking, hiking, arts and crafts, tennis, and basketball. Why wouldn't you want to catch some of today's hottest emerging acts while splashing around in a lake and toasting (or if you're me, burning) marshmallows around the campfire?

    So, listen to Overcoats and go to Welcome Campers. Visit here for more info.

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