BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Lonesome Day Blues' by Cat Clyde (The Outpost Sessions)
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    A few months back, Baeble attended The Outpost at Outlier Inn in Woodridge, NY (check us out at the event, looking super deep and reflective here). It was everything you'd hope for in a camping trip - brews, talks, baking bourbon pies, kayaking, bunking with good company, and lots of music. Musical acts like Caveman, Animal Feelings, and Small Black all made appearances, in addition to a super special act from Stratford, Ontario, who goes by the name of Cat Clyde.

    One of the cool things at Outpost was The Dome - a literal dome where talks, yoga classes, and midnight dances took place. It was pretty magical to say the least, as if being in the middle of the forest with no cell service wasn't relaxing enough. At one point over the weekend, Clyde took to the dome to perform her song "Lonesome Day Blues" for The Outpost Sessions, in collaboration with The Outpost, Supply, and Out of Town Films. "The atmosphere in the dome was really amazing and the audience put me in a great mood so I decided to play a song that makes me feel good," Clyde told Baeble. Her velvety voice is filled with soul, as she wails and strums her acoustic guitar. In between shots, we see a very attentive audience and Clyde walking through the campsite.

    If you didn't have a chance to make it to the event, this video will make you feel like you went. Just sit back, relax, take in that one last moment of summer, and enjoy all of the smooth blues that Clyde has to offer.

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