Only Phil Collins Has The Power To Sing Open A Roof
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2016

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Last night marked the opening of the US Open Tennis Tournament in Flushing Queens. This is the annual money fiesta for NYC that kicks more money into the local economy in two weeks than the hallowed baseball franchise next door (The Mets). The US Open is two weeks of tennis and full contact seat grabbing. If you have ever been you will know the pleasure of shooing people out of your shitty nosebleed seats every time you get up for some sustenance and a Grey Goose Honey Deuce Cocktail (you get to keep the cup). Only Titans of Industry and Fortune 500 companies can afford boxes and seats in the lower bowl...if you doubt me check Stubhub. Are you up for dropping a couple grand on good seats in a Round of 16 evening?

    So really, who knew we needed to celebrate the completion of and first official opening of the new retractable roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium? In a prescient demographically correct move, the event organizers chose Phil Collins and a cast of notables to sing a couple of hits while the roof cranked open. Absent from the performance is Billy Jean King who truly rocks and is an American icon kicking off the evening and Mayor De Blasio (read: Blow Hard) getting roundly boo'd. Mayor De Blasio did give a shout out to former Mayor Dinkins who while an awful Mayor did manage to shepherd in the modern US Open.

    Now to the video Phil Collins has aged but the songs remain the same...though we miss Phillip Bailey badly in "Easy Lover". Collins was joined by his 15-year-old son Nicholas on the drums and longtime collaborator and co-writer of "Easy Lover" Nathan East on the Bass. The amazing Leslie Odom Jr. from Hamilton admirably filled Phillip Baileys part in "Easy Lover".

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