Now Playing: Bronze Radio Return Kick Start The Bounce House With Infectious Earworms
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A few weeks back we profiled the life and times of the Hartford-hailing band Bronze Radio Return. They're one of those band's you've probably heard...even if you've never heard of them. Over the years, they've landed all the right synchs, and for good reason. The band's break out single "Shake Shake Shake" is as catchy as they come, and they've followed their breakout success with an equally infectious full-length titled, Light Me Up.

    The band is lead by singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Henderson and is comprised of a group of supremely talented musicians, all bringing different styles and influences to the table. When Bronze Radio Return took on the dreaded noon o'clock slot at The Baeble Bounce House earlier this spring, they did so with an army of diehards already knocking back hair-of-the-dog libations to get their SX Friday started. The band held nothing back, colliding crunchy guitars and soul-powered keys with fits of banjo and harmonica. The result is a performance that navigates a mix of rock, folk, and pop, offering up the kind of undeniable earworms that will follow you around for the next week.

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