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    • MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 2010

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    Sara Bareilles thinks the world of her fans. In conversation with the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, it's a topic that comes up early and often, with Bareilles recounting some of the sweet gestures she has been privy to over the years...from enthralling combinations of thousands of lighters and cell phones illuminating night time performance spaces, to the comments that trail through pages and pages of her recent webisode series about the making of her forthcoming album, Kaleidoscope Heart. Cracking smiles, giggling just a bit; it's clear her affection for them and the role they play in her life is genuine...which makes our latest concert release sort of perfect, actually.

    Fresh off a high profile slot on the Lilith Fair, Bareilles recently breezed through NYC for a whirl of press opps in support of her sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Heart. Under the cozy red glow of Rockwood Music Hall's Stage 1, she was kind enough to give us some of her time as appropriate setting in that the creative, nurturing hot spot on the Lower East Side was one of the first NYC venues to give her a shot. Guess that makes this an intimate, return to her roots.

    Filling the room with a few lucky contest winners, Bareilles and her band strip things down just a bit, strolling through a short set of massive pop hits ("Love Song", "Gravity"), and those that are destined to become them ("King of Anything", "Uncharted"). It's all very fun and informal, not to mention extremely personal...a one on one (almost) encounter with one of today's most refreshing, pop stars. - David Pitz

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