new music video: the arcade fire
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 2010

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    Oh man, this new video is AMAZING. The Arcade Fire really went all out with the narrative flux of "We Used To Wait", morphing the Win Butler obsession with childhood to fit the mold of the audience's life. The video is an experience to say the least, utilizing Google maps to incorporate the home of your youth with visuals and even a "write a letter to yourself" function. Bust out the Kleenex!

    The video was directed by Chris Milk, and built in HTML 5. Turn off all other programs (it's processor heavy) and use a tab-ready browser (Google Chrome works best, we're told, as well as Safari. Firefox is your worst option). No more waiting, jump here to get started. [via.]

    Plug in your address and go.

    I was skeptical at first, but the time-lapse of Google Maps really makes for a nostalgic trip. My old car from high school is still sitting on the street (according to the satellite image). You win, Arcade Fire. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: "The Suburbs"
    Arcade Fire on Myspace

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