WTF WEEKLY: Arcade Fire's Win Butler Is NOT A RAPPER + More
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Update: Rihanna still doesn't care about you fat-shaming her.

    Word on the web is that Bad Gal RiRi has gained some weight recently. I personally cannot believe that this is even a news item for some people. Even a writer from Barstool Sports got fired for bashing her… But I guess this is the entertainment business and indeed, Rihanna is the star. And hey, am I being hypocritical for even writing this? Maybe… Wait, no. Because I am defending her, and this isn't about the backlash that she's getting, this is about RiRi being the best version of herself and owning the hell out of it.

    Recently RiRi was at some sort of bodega, I don't know exactly where, snack shopping with her friends, and they filmed a little bit of it. The one filming made a snarky remark about how they had only been there for a couple of minutes and RiRi already had four snacks. The other friend -- the better friend -- quickly jumped in, telling her to stop being judgmental. Bish, you just jealous dis girl knows how to snack! I say go girl, eat the Cheetos and Pringles and eat them with DEFIANCE. After all, RiRi is just out here trying to live her best life!

    2. Kanye West is suing his insurance company for $10 million dollars.

    Remember the very public breakdown Kanye West had at the end of last year? While playing a show on the Saint Pablo tour, he stopped the music, started ranting about Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Hillary Clinton, and then canceled the rest of his shows and was hospitalized. Now he's suing his insurance company, Lloyd's of London, alleging it is delaying a claim from the canceled tour dates. His touring company, Very Good Touring Inc., filed the claim, which alleges the company "purposely and maliciously caused to be disseminated to news outlets privileged, private and personal information regarding Kanye and the dialogue between Very Good and the insurers."

    It's looking more and more like touring is really hard on an artist. Just look at Justin Bieber, who just canceled the rest of his tour! I could see how it would have taken an emotional and physical toll on him. First of all, he's Justin Bieber, so life is already hard enough as is. He probably wakes up, realizes that he is still himself, gets harassed by FaceTime calls from Skrillex and Diplo, and then has to pretend to be a skater for a little bit, then rehearse, then put on an enormous show, and then deal with all of those annoying fans he claims to hate so much afterwards. As for Kanye, he doesn't really neeeeed the 10 million dollars, but I like his ambition! Plus, it's shitty when you are not well and insurance companies take advantage of you. Shame, shame, shame (Game of Thrones reference)!

    Watch his freakout again, because why not!

    3. Arcade Fire's Win Butler responds to critics, saying he does not rap.

    Arcade Fire just came out with their new album Everything Now last week. Both before and after the release, they have been receiving a lot of backlash from critics, because of the silly promotional tactics leading up to the release and because of the actual content of the album. Apparently, one thing that a lot of critics agreed on was that on their track "Signs of Life," singer Win Butler vocal style is sort of similar to rapping? I can proudly say that in Baeble's review of the album, we mentioned no such thing. I mean, if Win Butler is a rapper now, then Iggy Azaela is actually a good artist… Right? ...Wait, what?

    Looks like I'm not the only one who's confused by these absurd statements about Arcade Fire turning into A Tribe Called Quest (okay, no one actually said that), because when talking to Zane Lowe, he communicates his frustration with the album's reviews.

    "Every piece of negative criticism that I've read of the record mentions that I rap on a song, which is just not true, unless people don't know what rapping is. Unless, like, Bob Dylan raps, I do not rap on an Arcade Fire song. It's not a thing that happens. But it's just kind of like a phrase that's been copy-pasted from one initial thing from like six months ago, and it's just kind of the nature of how this stuff works. It's been really interesting to see, like, this becomes the truth. Some pseudo-fact becomes common knowledge, when everyone who knows what rapping is knows that me saying the days of the week is not rap. It's not what rap is. But if you repeat it enough, then it's true."

    This sounds like a revelation Butler had after smoking way too much pot.

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