Lorde Literally Goes to 'Perfect Places' in New Video
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Lorde just released a new video for "Perfect Places," and I'm so into it. After watching this video, it's hard not to become a Lorde fan. "Perfect Places" has a familiar indie-pop sound to it, but the lyrics are so much more. She manages to critique the party-to-avoid-problems culture of the youth without sounding aggressively cynical or pretentious.

    I feel weird calling a music video that questions the very nature of perfection "perfect," so I'll just say it's great. The video features Lorde in a bunch of different locations, all of which are beautiful and could probably be considered "perfect places." Lorde strolls through a picturesque forest, hangs out on a calm beach, and sits all alone at what looks like a very fancy dinner party, before getting to the part of the song where she repeats emphatically, "All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places, what the fuck are perfect places anyway?" In just the context of this song, she questions the notion that people are trying to find "perfect places" through sex, drugs, and partying. The video adds an interesting layer of meaning though. In the video, Lorde is alone the whole time, and even when she's in a place that would usually be filled with people, at her fancy dinner, no one is there. In the context of the video, she seems to be asking if perfect places exist at all, be it at a party or on the beach. All the shots in this video really are beautiful and the overall aesthetic is amazing. Perfect or not, we love Lorde's new video.

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