Wavves Blaze Up Another Hit Of Their Pot Punk
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Wavves, a persistent force in the sound of surf-punk, is preparing for the imminent release of their newest album V. Though their music always emits general feelings of beach-goers and surfers, this album hasn't been smooth sailing with the record company. Upon releasing the first single, Warner Bros. insisted Nathan Williams pull the track and wait for its actual release much later. Frustrated, Williams brought his anguish to Twitter and explained his anger at a company trying to police his musical and artistic endeavors. With a successful combatant tactic, Wavves has overcome their label dispute and are off to prepping the release of their 2015 album.

    Their second single, "Flamezesz" is more of the same pizzazz and pop-punk of their previous singles. With pulsating drums and fuzzy, distant synths, the track comes to life with Williams's defiance and angst. The production is crisp, moving away from the distortion and haziness of past releases, whilst sticking to the essential Wavves sound. It's equal parts poppy, equal part's animated punk. One thing's for sure, Warner Bros. or any label that tries to mess with Wavves can never change the pure ecstasy and jubilance of their music.

    Their fifth album, V, is out October 2nd.

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