5 Muse Songs We'd Rather Listen to Than 'Survival'
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 03, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    Muse got a big pat on the back from the international community when their song was selected as the anthem of this summer's ceremonies. The band writes stadium rock. The Olympics has a lot of stadiums. It made sense. Then Muse released "Survival," the anticipated anthem, and disappointed everyone. To add insult to injury, a trailer for their upcoming album surfaced and it was, well...dubstep-ish. So let's relive the good ol' days of historical references and love songs. Here's five songs that will hopefully outlive "Survival."

    Since releasing "Survival" Muse has pushed the album release, so that it won't coincide with The Killer's Battle Born, not because the song is awful (although I think it's the latter). Also the band has revealed that they had originally planned the song as a duet with Elton John. So take comfort in knowing that it could actually have been worse.

    1. "Map of the Problematique" - Black Hole and Revelations

    2. "Apocalypse Please" - Absolution

    3. "Starlight" - Black Holes and Revelations

    4. "Hysteria" - Absolution

    5. "Resistance" - The Resistance

    Extra Honorable Mention:
    "Knights of Cydonia" -- Black Holes and Revelations [Ed. Note: Damn straight.]

    Honorable Mentions:
    "Unintended" -- Showbiz
    "Feeling Good" -- Origin of Symmetry
    "Time is Running Out" -- Absolution

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