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    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 03, 2010

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    We always expect something special to resonate from an encounter with Stars, the veteran Montreal outfit lead by Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan. Specializing in an emotive and endearing slice of electro rock, the band lays claim to a sprawling, five album catalogue...each effort bringing with it the powerful potential to define a moment, freezing time and space, for better or for worse, so that the past can one day haunt and guide the listener in times of need.

    Our latest brush with the band came under a vivid wash of color at always electric New York hotspot, Le Poisson Rouge earlier this Summer. In town to rally loyal devotees 'round their newest effort The Five Ghosts Stars presented the album track by track during their first of two sets (look for a best-of set on the site later this Fall). At the time, the enticing performance felt like an opportunistic look into the future, with the band working through a luscious batch of songs that would fall in the soon-to-be-released category. But remember what we were saying about the band's knack for following listeners around with their sentimental, sonic tendencies later on down the road?

    The Five Ghosts is out now on Vagrant, and it's songs are now familiar. But if you were there, our latest concert release will bring with it a flood of memories of the night that was. If you weren't, experience it now, knowing full well it brings with it the awesome potential to haunt you for a long time to come. - David Pitz

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    Stars - Live @ Le Poisson Rouge

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