No Blood For Me, Thanks
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 03, 2007

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    It is one of those band names that comes screaming from some nostalgic, daytrip down memory lane. In this case, it’s a dorm room covered in local show flyers and all hazy and musty with cigarette smoke. Matt Pond PA. Oh yeah! I remember that band. They are still around? Of course the arrival of a freshly pressed EP, If You Want Blood (Altitude Records), at Baeble HQ a few weeks back confirms they very much are. And after giving it a few spins, I’m glad they are.

    While opener “Reading” isn’t too terribly stand out-ish, “Magic Boyfriend”, with its’ swinging banjo, zany guitar riff, and hoe down drums is. Feel free to place “Everything Until The East Coast Ends” in a favorable category as well. The song is just somber and sentimental enough…exactly the kind of thing that would have turned me on to Matt Pond PA way back when. Actually, I’m glad to know it still does. Other highlights include “If You Live” and, appropriately enough, “If You Want Blood”. - David Pitz

    The band will also be releasing Last Light (Polyvinyl) on September 25th.

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    Matt Pond PA @ MySpace

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