Taylor Swift and Her Ever-Changing Reputation
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    People always seems to have very, very strong opinions of Taylor Swift. Either you're a diehard Swiftie, or you can't stand her. But whether you love her or hate her, it's impossible to deny her ability to reinvent herself. From her sound to her style to her Reputation (get it?), T Swift is a master at starting over.

    Country Girl Next Store:

    When Taylor released her debut self-titled album, she was a cute little 16 year old with wild blonde curls who never left home without her trusty cowboy boots. She was a full on country sweetheart. Lyrics about pickup trucks, banjos featured prominently on her songs, a slight Tennessee accent when she spoke and when she sang.

    Princess Taylor:

    Taylor's first reinvention came with her second album, Fearless. While she still rocked her curls and showed her love for a good banjo part, she traded in her cowboy boots and country-chic dresses for heels and ballgowns. While she was no longer a straight up country star, she was still America's sweetheart, and the world cried with her over that infamous 27-second voicemail from Joe Jonas.

    Boy Obsessed:

    While Taylor didn't purposely give herself this image, Taylor became known as quite a relationship hopper. In the two years between Fearless and Speak Now, Taylor was in, and out, of four (confirmed) relationships, and the whole world seemed to notice. And all of the relationships - the good, the bad, and the ugly - were chronicled in Speak Now, which was even less country than her last two albums.

    Quirky Hipster Cat Lover Girl:

    Taylor took her traditional 2 years between albums, and in that time she completely changed her style once again. Gone were the prom dresses of the Speak Now era. Now, she was a full on hipster. She debuted a forehead full of bangs, straightened her curls, and made herself into a polka-dot clad, Suzy Homemaker. She was once again a demure, innocent, girl-next-door. This image stayed with her throughout the Red era. It seemed every photo of her, whether it was of her performing, or just leaving her apartment she was wearing a uniform of high-waisted, nautical looking shorts, a striped top of some kind, oxfords, and that signature red lip.

    Wanna Be Model:

    After the Red era ended, Taylor began to perfect her now famous "squad." For the most part, the group consisted of models. She got super tight with Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss, and their high-fashion influence was so obvious. She cut her long blonde hair into a bob, and was famously caught by paparazzi going to and from the gym in a full face of makeup. Her glamour days stayed with her into the 1989 days, with her ever changing squad members famously joining her on on stage at the dates on her 1989 world tour.

    Punk(ish) Princess to Quirky Queen:

    After her very public breakup from Calvin Harris, Taylor did what most women seem to do after a breakup: she changed herself completely. She died her hair to a silver-tinted platinum blonde and started wearing a lot of black, which is very uncharacteristic of her. That didn't last long however, as she found herself in a new relationship with Tom Hiddleston. She very quickly slipped back into her preppy Hamptons getaway style. Unfortunately, this quick transition also brought back her Boy Obsessed Relationship Hopper reputation. The focus was no longer on her music or her girl-power squad; Taylor was once again defined by her relationships.


    A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that Taylor has been posting rather cryptic videos of a slithering serpent across her social media platforms. It might just seem like a clever marketing tactic of secrecy and anonymity, but it actually stems from her latest unfavorable reputation. Last year, Kanye West released a song (and video) called "Famous." In it, he referenced the incident between the two that occurred at the 2009 VMAs. I'm not even going to explain it because you know exactly which moment I'm talking about. After Kanye's song dropped, Taylor went on to express her distaste of the song. Kim Kardashian-West came forward with a video of Taylor giving her verbal approval of the song. And with that video, all hell broke loose. The internet quickly turned on Taylor. Katy Perry added fuel to the fire, reminding everyone of the feud between the two that occurred (and is still going on) over backup dancers. Taylor's Instagram comments were flooded with snake emojis. Her new reputation was that of someone who would pose herself as a victim in any and all situations.


    Following the internet turning on her, Ms. Swift went completely dark. She didn't tweet, she didn't post on Instagram. Gone was the constant slew of paparazzi photos of her leaving her apartment, cat in hand. It was almost as if she didn't exist at all. Earlier this week, Taylor returned to the world with her snake videos. She then announced her upcoming album, titled Reputation. No one knows where she's going with it, all we know is she is taking matters into her own hands and trying to change the way the world sees her.

    ??? - Part Two:

    Taylor is finally back with new music, but it's still kind of hard to determine what exactly it is that she's going for right now? Is she going to become petty and go for easy digs like the rest of the music industry? Doesn't that go against everything she's ever said/tried to say in the video for her new single, "Look At What You Made Me Do?" But also... hasn't she been just as petty this entire time? Who knows, but I am definitely along for the ride. Join us and pull apart all of the references in the "Look What You Made Me Do" video here.

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