Phoenix Gets Droned In Versailles Gardens
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    When I first read "Phoenix shot with a drone" I was a bit confused, and mildly terrified. That was until I realized that La Blogotheque used a drone camera rig to film the band perform one of the coolest sessions we've ever seen. In one, continuous, five-minute shot, the drone swirls and lifts through the empty gardens of La Chateau de Versailles as the Frenchmen perform Bankrupt!'s leading single "Entertainment". And as if that wasn't enough, this is the actual audio recording of the group. Holy hell this is amazing. Excuse us while we go order ourselves a new toy.

    According to La Blogotheque, this is Part 1, and another Take Away Show with Phoenix will follow.

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