Middle Class Rut's Surprising Acoustic Elements
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Generally speaking, to encounter the music Sacramento-based duo Middle Class Rut plod through is to experience something colossal. Its black-lit swirl of acid-laced guitars, punk percussion crunch, and hypnotic vocal sirens is the product of guitarist Zack Lopez and drummer Sean Stockham; a duo whom, up until recently, didn't need to rely on anyone else to completely overwhelm the listener's senses. Yet after the success of No Name No Color and its mutant single "New Low", the guys wanted more for their recently released, sophomore album, Pick Up Your Head. Adding a couple more cohorts to the mix, the band's new sound feels like a stick of dynamite exploding before you even have the chance to get it out of your hand. It's punishing; it's brutal; it's a deadly weapon. Funny then to find the guys donning acoustic guitars for our latest Atlantic Studios Session. If you know Middle Class Rut, it seems a little odd...that is until they work their way through "Aunt Betty", "Leech" and, of course "New Low". Sure, they've built a reputation on sounding gigantic, but our three-song sesh is a chance to hear the elements of Middle Class Rut's bigger, bolder future.

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