Zola Jesus Tunes Into the Gorgeous With New Video
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 2014

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of seeing Zola Jesus live (which I was able to at Webster Hall back in 2012) knows that Nika Danilova's voice is as tightly honed an instrument as anything in music today. And while her voice's power can be a beautiful instrument in its own right, the neo-gothic industrial tones of albums like Stridulum and Conatus lend an atmospheric darkness to her works. So, I was very surprised by how straightforwardly gorgeous her new single, "Dangerous Days" turned out to be.

    It's a shimmering and positively soaring piece of synthpop that could easily be mistaken for CHVRCHES were it not for the striking differences between Zola Jesus's voice and that of Lauren Mayberry. Unless the video is about Nika as a sad techno-witch who also has a thing for crystals, I have no clue what the video is about, but I am certainly ready for Zola Jesus's next record if it's as unwaveringly beautiful as "Dangerous Days."

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