Now Playing: The Passions and Hardships of Delta Spirit
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 2014

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    If you saw and loved our Poliça session, you might have wondered if we could put together another session that great again so soon. Well, thankfully, Brooklyn via California Americana rockers Delta Spirit are here to ensure we're still providing you with the highest quality exclussive sessions. And if you've managed to not see the session yet, you really need to rectify that immediately as the group performs understated, stripped down takes of some of the best tracks off their excellent upcoming LP, Into the Wide. And in an interview we did the day of our session in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we learned a lot more about the passions and hardships Delta Spirit faced getting this record made.

    "This is our first album, and our last album, as New Yorkers." After experiencing much of what they felt California had to offer as an environment for recording new music (including recording in the same studio where Tom Waits recorded Bone Machine and Mule Variations), they struck out to Brooklyn where the instant access of the entire universe made for a startling change, and as one of Delta Spirit lead singer Matt Vasquez's friends put it, "It's like living in the internet."

    Of course, it wasn't always easy recording in New York for Delta Spirit. Their studio is right on Newtown Creek which Vasquez reminds listeners "is one of the few EPA zones in America," which is to say, it's one of the most polluted waterways in the United States. Hurricane Sandy caused the sludge-infested Newtown Creek to flood their studio, and Delta Spirit lost much of their recording equipment, but they managed to persevere, and according to Vasquez, the new equipment they had after the disaster made the band sound even better.

    Delta Spirit are experiencing the sort of artistic and commercial growth that all bands one day hope to achieve. Vasquez discusses the whirlwind changes from selling out a 150 person club and how amazing that felt versus suddenly selling out 1600 people clubs and playing main stages at music festivals and how boggling and amazing it's all become. And if other people relate to Into the Wide as much as we did when it's released, Delta Spirit's trajectory will only be further up. Watch our interview. Watch our session. And fall in love with the soaring uplift of Delta Spirit.

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