Is It September Yet: Releases to Look Forward To
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    August has been a long month for two reasons. One, the heat is somehow still inescapable. Two, new releases have been few and far between. As we near the tail end of this lean month, I find myself looking forward to September when every band under the sun has a new album slotted for release. Here are five albums, their leading singles and my hopes for what they might hold.

    1. Beacon by Two Door Cinema Club -- 9/4

    When I read that Two Door Cinema Club was recording their upcoming album in LA, I worried they would catch California fever and write some sunny album completely unbefitting the band. "Sleep Alone", a track about Alex Trimble's drug-induced sleep, sounds like Two Door hasn't left their sound, they're just writing bigger and aiming higher.

    2. North by Stars -- 9/8

    Star's synth-heavy single "The Theory of Relativity" is the most 80s sounding song about the 90s I've heard. It sounds like something off a Brat Pack soundtrack. Despite the slight time warp, Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan are still sounding better than ever as they remanise, "it can't be '93, sadly". Written as the band's ballad for 1993, it's a promising start for their sixth album.

    3. Battle Born by The Killers -- 9/18

    The Killers holed away in the Nevada desert to write Battle Born, triumphantly returning months later with "Runaways". It finds a mid-ground between the guitar and synth sounds that have defined and differentiated The Killer's past records. A series of crescendos "Runaways" is the song that just keeps coming at you. It's an energetic first listen of Battle Born.

    4. Uno by Green Day -- 9/25

    The first of three Green Day releases this year, Uno is supposed to be the most punk rock. Each album will highlight a certain sound or aspect of the band's career and the return to punk is what interested me most. "Oh Love" sounded a little unimaginative, but it is still a catchy and fun song for the summer. Then the band released "Let Yourself Go" and I heard the good ol' Green Day everyone had been listening for.

    5. Babel by Mumford and Sons -- 9/25

    Mumford and Son's "I Will Wait" is a sentimental song with a big sound. It a familiar step stylistically with bright banjo, soaring vocals and a strumming pattern that sounds suspiciously like "Little Lion Man". But why change a winning formula? The band won the world over with Sigh No More and look to do the same with Babel. I gladly await more anthems fit for arenas with this new record.

    We know that September is going to be huge for releases -- so what are your looking forward to?

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